Last Updated: 23 / 1 / 2023

In this buying guide, we looked at the top robotic mowers and compared them to each other.

As the market for autonomous robot mower keeps its rise, picking the right one for your lawn becomes confusing with so many different models with different price points out there.

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To make choosing a bit easier, we've created this tool that allows you to filter based on your needs. It offers you an overview of the best models available on the market.

We periodically update this list based on new models, reports, and customer experiences.

Note: Our comparisons are based on different sources of information, such as technical data, customer opinions, and our personal experience with the model. Due to the nature of our business, we get our hands on many different gardening tools and equipment here at Columbia Florist.

So, let's begin:


Before we start:

In this buying guide, you will find everything worth knowing about the automated lawn robots. The information listed here is general and may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Not all robot mowers offer the same functions and safety sensors listed below.

Best robot lawn mower for large lawns: Robomow RS622

If you own a big yard and you've been wondering which model of lawn mowers is best for your yard, worry no more. Robomow RS622 has an amazing cutting width and cutting quality that leaves you without any doubt. Whether you are an iOS or Android device user, you can easily control the mover from anywhere, and it can even handle slopes exceptionally well! Isn't that amazing? The mower has two sharp triangular blades that cut your grass clippings into fine pieces automatically.

On top of the mower, you see the control panel. The control panel consists of an LCD where information such as time, date and current status of the battery is displayed. If you're charging the mower or the battery life is low, it boldly shows on the monochrome LCD. This sophisticated machine enables you to schedule operation time if you don't want to mow anytime soon.

Robomow RS622 has a weather-resistant shroud. You can leave it outside overnight and be rest assured that there won't be any drop in its performance. The mower has been structured with a floating deck that allows it to be used on lawns despite contours or slopes that may be on the land. There's an in-built sensor in the machine that helps to detect when it comes in contact with a foreign object. Hence, you're sure to use the machine for a longer me before it develops a mechanical fault.

Best Robotic Lawn Mower for Small Garden: Robomow RC 306

The era of using manual lawn mowers has been terminated since the introduction of Robomow RC 306 lawn mower. If you have a small yard and you want to enjoy the best cutting experience effortlessly, this machine is for you. The fact that this lawn mower can be controlled by your mobile phone makes it a necessity for your home. Even at the comfort of your bedroom, you can send the sophisticated machine to mow your yard even when it's raining. It comes with a mobile app that allows you to control the switch of the mower. If you're however out of Bluetooth coverage, you can connect to the mower via the 2G cellular radio and control it using a virtual joystick. It comprises of two large rear wheels and a swiveling wheel at the front.

Robomow RC 306 does not need expertise before you install it. You don't have to give some dough to anyone to help you program the machine. You just need to follow the basic guidelines in the manual and get the components working efficiently. The mower can automatically run back to its base before the battery runs out of power. Unfortunately, the mower makes some noise while being operated albeit one of the best options in the market.

Silent robot lawn mower: Honda Miimo HRM 310

You wouldn't want to go for a lawn mower that makes a lot of noise while operating. Honda Miimo HRM 310 offers a classy, efficient, effective and the best quiet cutting for you. Though a pricey robotic option, this machine trims grass and lawn evenly without leaving a dent behind. It comes with amazing options such as an anti-theft alarm which notifies you of impending danger. It is built with multiple programming options and an advanced sensor system that works together to give you the best output. This lawn mower is operated by a 22.2V/1,800mAH rated rechargeable battery. It is very fast and can mow about 0.37 acres in 30 minutes without stopping. The machine model is built with a 656 feet perimeter that enables you to mow faster. You also have 6 extra blades along with your order, so you can be assured that it will be a long-lasting option. While you're sleeping, the mower can be outdoor working. Your neighbors would not have any reason to complain to you because the Honda Miimo HRM 310 model does not make noise while in use.  

Best robot lawn mower with wifi: Husqvarna Automower 315X

The Husqvarna 315X model looks more like a race car with its state-of-the-art and sleek-looking feature. It has two slim headlights perfectly installed under the machine's plastic shroud. The machine weighs about 22.2 pounds and is perfectly designed to trim your lawn efficiently. Owing to its amazing Bluetooth, GPS, and app-support features, Husqvarna Automower 315X is quite expensive. However, making it your choice is worth it. It comes with a mobile app that allows you to control the movement of the machine from anywhere via a mobile phone. You can also create schedules, start the mower and also stop it by the use of a mobile phone. Just like the WR140 model, the Husqvarna Automower 315X does not have a rain sensor. This does not mean you can not make use of it in the rainy season. It just wouldn't go back to its base automatically when rain falls on it. When you open the top of the mower, you would see a hatch that houses the control panel.  Although, there is another hatch that houses the cutting height adjustment panel and a big red button you can press to stop the mower from working. Low-noise, GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular-support technology are features that make the machine the best option for you. If you're considering a lawn mower with the best app control, Husqvarna Automower 315X is the best option for you.

Robot lawn mower for 1 acre: Worx Landroid M WR140

Worx Landroid M 20V model is a cordless lawn mower. It is designed to enable you to cut your lawn comfortably and effortlessly. The design pattern adopted in building this automated machine allows for cutting without scrapping your lawn. It is designed with a 21-inch deck that allows it to be used efficiently well on hills, valleys, and other land types without leaving a dent on the lawn. The M 20V model has two wheels at the back and one at the front, all weighing about 21 pounds. This model is built with a spinning disc of three blades to give your lawn the perfect mowing and trim output. It comes with a 20V/4.0Ah rechargeable battery. This clearly shows that nothing is stopping you from using the machine until the lawn is clean enough.

Although the WR140 model does not come cheap from the market, it's much affordable than some other models. With GPS and Wi-Fi features, this model stands out and is worth the price. You can install a slick app on your mobile phone and control the machine from anywhere in the world. One more great feature that makes this model of lawn mower outstanding is that it tells you the current state of the mower. Whether it is in use, charging, or stored away, there's always an alert notification that accompanies all the machine does.

What exactly is a mowing robot?

Similar to robot vacuum cleaners, mowing robots offer you special comfort by mowing your lawn independently and without human guidance. These autonomous mowers come in a futuristic design and relieve you of the tiring mowing work you have to do every week to keep your garden organized. Unthinkable a few years ago, today it is pretty much the norm for most garden owners.

Once the initial setup is correctly done and the device is configured, these little garden slaves will mow the entire lawn independently at the push of a button. Most models rely on a so-called boundary or orientation cables, which are laid on or under the lawn. They tell the robot mower which areas it should mow.

Should I buy a robot lawn mower?

In spring and summertime, grass needs to be mowed weekly if you want it to stay under a certain length. Depending on the size of your lawn, it is a time-consuming chore.

Whether you have vast areas of land or just a small backyard that needs to be mowed, a robotic mower will relieve you of this often tiresome gardening work. The bigger your garden is, the more your robotic mower will come in handy.

Even during your holiday, you will always have a perfectly mowed lawn. The only requirement for a robot mower is a suitable garden.

  • Completely independent
  • No noise pollution
  • Environmentally friendly, energy saving and efficient
  • Dete ts obstacles it may run into automatically and avoids them
  • Drives to its station and recharges automatically
  • Mown grass remains on the surface as a mulch
  • Theft protection through alarm system and PIN code, among other things
  • A bit more pricey compared to electric and push lawn mowers
  • Most models require initial installation. But it's a one-time effort
  • Not suitable for all lawns
  • Works better for shorter lawns

Is my garden suitable for a robot mower?

These autonomous devices these days can now handle many different types of gardens, as long as there aren't steep hills and without many obstacles such as bushes, trees, big rocks, and furniture.

Gardens with a bit of an angle, hills, sloping, or divided are no longer a problem for most models.

TIP: For large, winding, or sloping properties, you might want to use a higher-end mower that has been designed for such cases. Lower price point mower robots often have a hard time with challenging gardens and may not meet your expectations.

Are there mowing robots for sports fields?

As explained in the previous section, large, level surfaces are virtually predestined to be mowed by a lawn mowing robot. Sports fields and football pitches can, therefore, definitely be maintained automatically by a robot.

However, the majority of models are aimed at garden owners with lawns of up to 1,000 m². For sports fields, therefore, only professional mowing robots such as those from Husqvarna are suitable, which are designed for large areas of 1,000, 2,000 or more square meters.

Are robot mowers suitable for sports fields?


As we mentioned earlier, large and even lawn surfaces work best for autonomous mowers. Especially sports fields such as golf courses and soccer pitches can definitely be maintained automatically by a robot.

However, most robot mowers out there are designed for garden owners with small lawns up to 10000ft2. To keep your sport field organized, you will need to invest in a professional robot mower that's specifically designed for heavy-duty use. Most Husqvarna robot mowers will get the job done with their up to 20.000ft2 mowing capacity.

TIP: Don't forget that they are basically mulch mowers, they don't have the capacity to collect the grass clippings into a bag. The cuts remain on the ground as a mulch or until you collect them.

How does a robot lawn mower work

It shares the same mowing principles with its gas, electric, and battery sisters. Sharp blades underneath the mower turn fast and cut the grass.  The only difference is that it finds its way around your garden via GPS or pre-laid boundary wires. Grass clippings remain on your lawn as mulch.

With the help of a boundary wire or GPS navigation, the robot knows in which area it should mow. A large number of sensors help it navigate and detect obstacles. An adjustable mowing plan can also be used to determine the days of the week and times.

How much does a robot lawn mower cost?

It totally depends on the size of your garden and the capabilities you want from your mower. You could get a good robot mower for less than a thousand dollars for smaller yards ranging from 2500f2 to a maximum of 5,000ft2.

For bigger gardens, you should plan to invest accordingly more. Depending on the equipment and range of functions, the prices of lawn robots can vary considerably. The top models from Husqvarna, for example, are between 2,000 and 4,000 dollars.

Which lawn mowing robots are the best?

High-quality mowing robots with good equipment and software are available from manufacturers such as Husqvarna, GARDENA, WORX, and McCulloch. In our comparison table, you can compare the best models directly with each other and read their reviews by clicking on the read more button.

Are there mowing robots with GPS navigation?

Yes, there are.

Although most entry-level mowers lack the GPS navigation capability or control, a bit more expensive professional mowers for large gardens come with GPS in order to quickly map huge yards and mow them in the most efficient way possible. If you are not going to run your device on yards tens of thousands of square feet, you actually don't need to pay extra for GPS capability at all.

Using satellites, the area that needs to be mowed is measured, and the position of the mowing robot is determined. This enables the autonomous mower to optimize its mowing strategy to avoid mowing the same spot twice, wasting time and battery power in the process. The mowing result becomes even more even, and no un-mowed areas are left behind.

Another advantage of an integrated GPS module is the increased protection against theft. The communication module usually serves as a GPS tracker and can transmit the current location to the owner.

Can a lawn robot also mow on slopes?

Experts speak of a slope from a gradient of just 2%. If you own a hillside property, you should definitely determine the highest gradient before buying.

All models can handle hills of up to 15% without any problems. Most lawn robots can negotiate slopes between 25% and 35%, and some heavy-duty machines can mow up to 50% and more. It should be noted that the manufacturer's specifications are maximum values that the mower can only meet under optimum conditions. As a precaution, choose a robot mower model that is designed for even steeper slopes to avoid difficulties.

Are there also mowing robots without boundary cables?

Some robot mowers don't require burrying boundary wires under the ground. They detect the area that needs to be mowed with their so-called grass sensors. However, these devices are rather rare and only suitable for optimally laid out lawns, and they are known to fail quite often...

In the meantime, the first models are also on the market that allows navigation via GPS.

Pretty much all robot mowers these days also have crash sensors that detect steps, obstacles, and boundaries, for example. As soon it identfyies a wall, fence, or some other obstacle such as a bush, rock, or a piece of furniture, it automatically changes direction and continues to mow elsewhere.

Mowing Pattern

With lawn robots, there are different strategies for driving and mowing the lawn. The most common mowing strategies are:

  • Free movement pattern: (random driving with occasional changes of direction). It's great when you're mowing your garden often, and the length difference before and after the mow isn't that big.
  • Riding in parallel lanes similar to conventional hand push and ride on lawnmowers
  • Spiral movement: The robot mows in an ever-expanding circle and keeps going until it reaches the edge.

Parallel drive mowing pattering usually gets the job a bit quicker since it doesn't mow the same place twice. I

However, the cutting pattern of the lawn looks more even and more natural with a free movement pattern. It is often the moving pattern the majority of robot mowers use.

Does a mowing robot need to be charged regularly?

Lawn robots are powered by their rechargeable batteries, and they need to be charged regularly. The good thing is, most lawn mowers just drive back to its charging station when it is running low on battery. So you, as the owner, do not have to worry about charging the lawnmower yourself.

Are robot lawn mowers safe?

All devices have various safety functions to reduce the risk of injury to a minimum.

When you're buying one, make sure it has a lift sensor that automatically stops the blades from running when the device is lifted, tilted or tipped over. Some other sensors and functions increase the safety of a mowing robot.